East Midlands Regional Champs 19/08

It's a Race!
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East Midlands Regional Champs 19/08

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Hi All,

Just advertising the Regional Road champs that are happening this weekend, there are a few past and present members that should be taking part in the event that will be going over Harby Hill no less than 7 times.
It would be great to see some support out there on the road from those of you who want to see some tough racing with some professional riders from the region known to be taking part.

It would be even better if anyone is available to marshall as we are struggling a bit for numbers to ensure the race goes safely and smoothly.

The race is due to start at 0900 from Woolsthorpe Village Hall with Marshalls being briefed at 0800. The race is 88 miles long so I would expect it to last 3-4 hours.


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